Gunsmith Armorer Cerakote Laser Engraving Services

Critical Koting is a NIC Certified Cerakote Applicator leveraging comprehensive, gunsmith, armorer, and coating capabilities. Critical Koting operates in Northern VA serving individual, dealer, and OEM production customers across the VA, WV, MD, DC Metro region and Eastern United States. Our service offerings include:

  • Professional disassembly and refitting

  • Media blast and chemical surface prep

  • Color choices span Cerakote spectrum

  • CNC machine and laser engraving and marking, including custom fonts and graphics

  • Application techniques span stencil graphics, camo patterns, color infill, distressing, battle worn, airbrush

  • NFA (Class 3) firearm modifications, engraving, and repairs

  • Barrel chambering, head spacing, cutting, contouring, threading, and crowning

  • Milling, fabrication, forming including slide serrations, RMR optic slide cuts, stippling

  • TIG Welding and Pinning — muzzle breaks, mounts, receivers, trunions, and more

  • Trigger work and custom fitting

  • Sight installation and replacement, dovetail milling – cutting, and staking

  • Scope mounting and sighting (laser bore and live-fire sighting)

  • Stock modification, bedding, and re-sizing, detachable box magazine in-letting

  • Classic Firearm Restoration

Pricing by firearm type, application pattern, and technique
Expedited turnaround times available
Cost Saving Volume Project Pricing for dealers and OEM production

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Cerakote Product & Applicator Warranties


Product Warranty from NIC Cerakote Website:

“NIC Industries, Inc. does not warranty the use or application of the materials it manufactures or supplies. Our only obligation shall be to replace any defective materials supplied by us or refund the original purchase price of the product after we have determined it to be defective. We assume no liability for damages of any kind and the user accepts the product “as is” and without any warranties, expressed or implied. The suitability of the product or intended use shall be the sole responsibility of the user.”


Sterling Arsenal Critical Koting (the Applicator) warranties the application of Cerakote materials such that the end-state coating conforms to and meets the manufacturer SDS Specifications. SDS Specifications are available here:

The Applicator shall re-apply any defective materials applied by the Applicator should the end-state coating be found and confirmed by the Applicator to not meet the product’s corresponding SDS Specifications. Blended product applications (e.g. custom colors mixes) are not covered under this Warranty. Any Re-Application under this Warranty will be performed and prioritized by the Applicator subject to the Applicator’s established production schedule.

The customer understands that parts made from materials such as soft polymer or that have laminated or sprayed surfaces may be damaged. Although the applicator will use their best judgement to avoid coating components that are susceptible to damage, the applicator shall not be liable for damage to components due to the chemical preparation, coating, or heat curing processes. Components that are susceptible to damage include but are not limited to electronics, optics, flashlights, and malleable plastic parts.